Caribbean Energy Technology Platform

OBTN has joined forces with TechnologyCatalogue the fastest-growing global energy technology platform to deliver an Caribbean Online Platform that connects tech start-ups, scale-ups  and end users to solve industrial & energy challenges through rapid deployment of technologies. The platform allows tech start-ups and scale-ups to showcase their technology solutions, helping them to connect with end-users and bring their technology to market. 

The Caribbean Energy Technology Platform will be launched in Q3 2021. Caribbean energy companies, technology suppliers, technology experts and service companies and become visible to other companies globally who might be interested in their products and services. You can start registering your business for a Free Account on TechnologyCatalogue, pending the development of the customized portal for the region. Joining the global platform gives registered users full access to all platform features, including reviews and deployment profiles of technologies.

The partnership will bring Caribbean Energy Technology Platform in place to give operators in the region easier access to regional and global technologies and expertise needed for a more sustainable energy sector.

We are bringing together technologies from the region and all over the world closer to the Caribbean energy operators so they can take stock of the innovative solutions used by energy companies, big and small, from other countries.
We are open to work with industry organisations and regional groups in the Caribbean Community to ensure that we are reaching as many industry players as possible. We believe the platform can facilitate knowledge sharing within the region as well as promote technological solutions for more sustainable energy in the Caribbean.
Technology Catalogue’s growing network of global tech suppliers, experts and end-users in the energy sector combined with OBTN’s regional ties and knowledge ensures that we are giving Caribbean industry players tailored solutions derived from a wide range of available technologies globally.