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This two-day intensive Doing Business in the International Offshore Oil & Gas Industry course is designed to support the induction of newcomers to the industry and giving them the opportunity to explore the world of doing business in the oil and gas industry. This two-day course is taught by industry professionals with extensive years of international oil and gas experience.
This training course is designed to provide an introduction on how to do business with international oil and gas companies and support the development of local content and businesses in the Guyana-Suriname basin. It provides training in skills, knowledge and resources required to do business in this sector. The Oil & Gas industry is divided into three mains sectors of upstream, midstream and downstream and this course will provide an overview of each sector, however, the main focus will be on the upstream sector which is in line with the current stage of industry development of the Guyana – Suriname basin.
This training course is designed and tailored for local companies in the Guiana’s seeking to become suppliers of products and services to the international oil and gas industry. It is also designed for government policy makers to provide an understanding of the skills and standards needed for companies to operate in this environmentally focused, technically challenging sector with potential risk of major accident hazards. The participants will find this valuable as they will gain a better understanding of the needs of their oil and gas industry clients.
  • Provide an overview of the upstream, midstream, downstream sectors and the needs of companies in the sector with a focus on doing business in the upstream sector.
  • Understand opportunities for local content and SMEs while learning how to develop technology partnerships with Oil & Gas technology companies internationally
  • How to compete and be successful in this market
  • Learn about minimum HSE standards required by Oil & Gas companies
  • Understand Service Quality planning requirements for providing products & services
  • Learn about Project Management in the oil and gas industry – an overview to designing services, delivering projects with the required quality, right cost and in the required time frame. Covering resource mobilization, people, technology, work processes, certification through to project execution & review. We will give an overview of the Project Readiness Assessment tool that helps mitigate project execution risks
  • Understand minimum competency standards and the systems used in the oil and gas industry to ensure and demonstrate to clients a minimum level of proficiency in personnel
  • Learn how to become an approved supplier for oil and gas industry companies
  • Understand supply chain management & procurement in the industry including category management and procurement processes.
Individuals with a basic knowledge of or experience in the Offshore Upstream Oil and Gas Industry and business management is a pre.
Two-day course.
Assessment will be by multiple-choice test at the end of the course and successful participants will be awarded a certificate of completion if they achieve a minimum 75% pass mark.
The application deadline is 09 August 2019. Application forms are available on the OBTN web page. Once payment is made, an email will be sent with conformation of enrollment.

The course needs a minimum enrollment of 20 participants to go ahead.

Please visit our register page for information regarding: course fees, venue, dates, times
The training course has been developed by: Colin Black Managing Director at Carjon NRG in the UK.



Following on from the success of the inaugural OBTN Seminar in Paramaribo, Suriname last year, we invite you all to join us on June 26th, 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands for the 2nd “One Basin Three Nations Oil and Gas Seminar”.

We could not be more pleased as OBTN 2018 has exceeded our expectations in the level of interest, participation and support for the OBTN Initiative/ Seminar in its first year. Over 125 delegates and companies, both local and from overseas (Guyana, Trinidad, Netherlands, St Kitts & Nevis, Curacao and Canada), participated in OBTN 2018. The event was opened by Suriname Natural Resource Minister Dodson and included speakers such as Deputy Minister Gordon McIntosh from Newfoundland & Labrador (Canada), Leopoldo Henriquez former Chief Inspector State Supervision of Mines the Netherlands and Siegfried Kenswil from Kenswil & Co.
Aims to promote the Guiana’s as the investment opportunity of choice by presenting an overview what is happening in the Offshore Guyana-Suriname Basin, and investigate opportunities for the international business community, as well as the diaspora, to contribute towards sustainable development of the oil and gas in the Guiana Basin.

Please visit our website ( for more information and 2018 OBTN Seminar impressions.
‘One Basin Three Nations’ is a homegrown private initiative that was established by a group of local entrepreneurs with consulting from International Oil and Gas experts. Our vision is to establish One Basin Three Nations as the premier Oil & Gas Seminar/Conference brand in the Guiana’s and region and to initiate a voluntary framework agreement where stakeholders collaborate on key themes such as transfer of knowledge, best practice sharing, health, safety, and environmental issues that will all be pivotal to the success of the emerging energy sector.
One of the One Basin Three Nations goals is to come up with a voluntary framework agreement where all stakeholders collaborate or work together on common goals such as transfer of knowledge, best practice sharing, health, safety, environment to contribute to sustainable development of the Guiana’s.

We aim to raise awareness and contribute to the sustainable development of oil and gas in the Guiana Basin by organizing events, development programs and training courses, together with our partners (Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Trade, Industry & Tourism) for stakeholders such as the local business communities (SMEs), Government, NGOs and many more involved.
As the Guiana’s continue to attract increasing levels of attention and investment from the global Offshore Oil and Gas Industry, the region is set to become a major hub of activity that will present golden opportunities for each country. The OBTN Seminar in Rotterdam, Netherlands aims to provide participants with information on successes to date, current/future activity in the region, and opportunities for the diaspora, International companies and the global supply chain to engage with the market..
The Seminar will be a one day event and consist of presentations with at the end of each presentation Q & A.
  • Netherlands – Sander Vergroesen (Managing Director IRO: The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil & Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry).
  • Aruba – Leopoldo Henriquez (Former Chief Inspector State Supervision of Mines the Netherlands).
  • Suriname – Siegfried Kenswil (Kenswil & Co Tax and Legal Services).
  • Netherlands – Dr.Vijay Gangadin MBA (Chairman Suriname-Dutch Chamber of Commerce).
  • Guyana – G. Bobby Gossai, Jr (Former CEO Guyana Oil & Gas Association).
  • Guyana – Edward Boyer (former President of the Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Private Sector Commission).
  • To promote the Guianas Petroleum Sector in such a way to make the Guianas an attractive business destination.
  • Outlining why Guyana is the investment opportunity of choice.
  • Debating on how to develop the basin in such a sustainable way by assuring that the involved companies apply the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Debate key issues, share new ideas and insights on topics ranging from upstream oil and gas, technology, finance and investment.
  • Find synergies with the neighbour countries to enhance profits.
  • Discuss the current challenges and debate their potential solutions for future scenarios facing the the Guianas.
  • Emphasis on networking, doing business with industry peers and opportunities to form collaborative partnerships to mutual benefits for the Guianas.
We aim to boost your visibility with our exclusive sponsorship programs by providing a range of benefits depending on the sponsorship package you choose. The sponsorship packages can be customised to suit your company’s distinct commercial requirements.

For further information on opportunities to support this event please send us an email:

Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to get your company in front of these crucial players. Feel free to contact us at your convenience using the brochure and package information to discuss any of the opportunities listed within the sponsorship document.

We look forward to seeing you there!


One Basin Three Nations Team